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  1. odysphil

    BigNock is an anti-virus software that works as a stand-alone solution, or in conjunction with avast, AVG, or even Microsoft Windows Defender. The software was originally designed to provide an effortless repair of virus damage to various operating systems.
    You can configure your subscription by paying three types of monthly payment:
    One time annual subscription – $11.95 per year
    Twice monthly payment – $2.97 per month
    Or three

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  2. darcais

    What’s NETAudio Streamer?

    NETAudio Streamer is a small application that works on Windows. It is an all-rounder for networking. It can help you in streaming audio from your PC to a mobile device.

    Key Features

    The major features are as follows:

    Audio CD ripping.

    Support for wireless devices like AirPlay and Bluetooth.

    Network-based speakers.

    Support for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows

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  3. zsyraj


    Intuitive, portable and easy-to-use application;

    Set yourself a new title ID for your DVDs;

    Type an author name or title in the ‘Find by…’ input box;

    Various information types can be viewed and copied;

    Adjust the layout and view window size;

    Resize the window as you prefer;

    Supports BD-Rs, HD-Rs;

    Supports numerous RAMs, ROM

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  4. odylperi

    Its ease of use along with the reliable results it produces make it a great addition to any photo editing suite that doesn’t offer a simple tool to do that.


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  5. lauwal

    With the help of this program, you will be able to get a much better understanding of how molecules behave.
    Change the atomic electronegativity
    The tool Molecule Polarity is a very easy one to use. There are three tabs in the main interface, as well as the “Description” tab, which will provide you with a paragraph explaining the purpose of each tab.
    The first simulation allows you to study the characteristics of molecules made up of only two atoms by adjusting the

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  6. solkir

    The invention relates to polymer coatings for medical devices.
    Polymeric coating materials are used to provide medical devices with certain properties, for example, anticoagulant properties, biostability, and lubricious surface properties. Some medical devices are made with standard polymers, for example, polypropylene or polyethylene. In some cases, the standard polymers have very good film-forming properties. Other times, the polymers have good film-forming properties, but they do

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  7. latrjani

    The software provides you the means of blocking or masking application entries into blacklists, including those published by the AV companies.


    Once the software is launched, it will prompt you with a login window. Windows requires you to login, and the entire process might take some time. If you are running this program
    on a domain, its login window should load the login page. Once you confirm the login details, the software (without you having to do anything more)

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  8. birker

    Sobox Image Viewer retains the metadata (patient birth, date, study, etc.), and studies directly in a database. The images can be displayed during reading or even compared with other images downloaded from any other sources such as a software, portable devices or offline hard drives. Read more »

    Image AI, a state-of-the-art software for automatic pattern recognition in digital images, was commissioned for the first time in China in the year 1999 as a research project. It

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  9. harsabi

    i run it on my HTC Desire, and it works 🙂

    (This software is reeeealllyy nice, i installed it on my htc desire, and now everyone using the video taken from my phone will be able to have some AC3 audio in the video :D)

    Note about the app’s window running video or anything

    the application’s rendering engine is handled in another thread so if you’re having a problem running the application, please try to close other windows

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  10. zandthor

    Preview by Johnny Wu @ Tech-tastic


    2009-10-01 11:23

    solid produciton. Easy to use.


    Review by shimonashi_09s10


    Best MKV/AVI to DVD converter with a great interface.


    Review by shimonashi_09s10

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  11. uilehar

    GFI EndPointSecurity (in US version) supports only Windows XP and Vista. GFI EndPointSecurity fully integrates with Sophos Endpoint Security, which is supplied as part of the same download and comes with free updates to version 7 and the Patch Tuesday updates.

    Endpoint security solution
    Protect your PC and protect your company.
    -GFI EndPointSecurity is a reliable and useful software solution that protects your PC against malware, theft, and data breaches. GFI EndPoint

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  12. darideme

    It’s your best friend under wine. If you want to convert WAV to FLAC or ALAC, you’ve got no other choice but use “Sound Converter with Online Website”. With this sophisticated tool you can do audio conversion in the best way possible.


    Midi FileMan is a powerful and intuitive program for the recording and editing of Midi Files (track 1, track 2, track 3, etc.). In addition to recording Midi, it allows

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  13. windgilb

    ■ sine wave analysis support (on/off)
    ¿ Parametric equalizer is the powerful equalizer that, thanks to its parametric design (no peaking filters applied), has natural artifact recovery.
    Our personal key board + automation. (available in version 2.3 upgrade)**
    *The presets are real equalizer parameters expressed in dB.
    *Each parameter can be assigned a default value between -12.0db and +12.0 db.

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  14. halyshow

    My top recommendation is to try Xilisoft Picture Editor Deluxe instead, which can provide the list of items mentioned above and more (including exclusion opacity values, multiple effects, rotation, sketch effect, brightness/contrast tweaking, resolution, filters, composition, and more).

    Knockout Tamer

    Knockout Tamer is a simple (and definitely a primitive) program that allows you to add knockout (also known as knockouts or knockouts) to the selected part of

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  15. olymchr

    You can get the source code for Zettlr in addition to the MacOS and Windows versions of the app over here, so if you’re interested in digging deeper, it’d probably be a good idea.
    It also offers an API, which means it should be relatively simple to plug it into your favorite Markdown editor as well. Check it out over here as well.

    In this article, learn more about refactoring of design patterns in Python and as well as a special technique

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  16. zurval

    Organize your files:
    * Immediately add labels and stars to files
    * View files in the current folder in the column view and in the compact view as a list
    * You can freely re-arrange files using drag and drop
    * It is possible to use all methods of displaying contents.
    * Create, delete, add and use labels, star items using “File Operations”
    * You can combine multiple display modes in Portable FenrirFS
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  17. grebir

    LiveGrep is an excellent search tool that offers an impressive set of features that will probably increase the productivity of most users.
    A host of options and easy to use interface
    LiveGrep is a desktop application that provides you with a powerful search and conversion platform.
    In addition to being a host to a text-based desktop search engine, LiveGrep can be used to run regular expressions, perform OCR or convert a file into any type of format. You can also batch 05e1106874 grebir

  18. fellave



    Version 2.1
    A virtual network cache (VNC) is a system that can be used for file sharing between multiple clients.
    Conventional services like Internet or intranet file sharing usually use the SMB protocol to transfer files between local clients and a server.
    SMB protocol, included in Windows 95/98/2000, has some limitations, however.
    Among the most important are the following:

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  19. isahar

    , be they friend, family member or hacker.  With Locked!, you can be assured of security and peace of mind knowing your personal data will be secured at all times.

    Advanced Smart AntiVirus 3.0 you lose few

    Advanced Smart AntiVirus 3.0 you lose few

    Advanced Smart AntiVirus 3.0 you lose few

    Advanced Smart AntiVirus 3.0 you lose few

    Advanced Smart AntiVirus 3.0 you lose few
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  20. ophibubb

    Users can work with this tool quickly and efficiently. ExploreMyNetwork is useful and beneficial.~ / Times three.

    I woke up yesterday morning and grumbled, “I spent another week off! Life is great,” once again choking down truth as I drank my coffee and whipped up my homemade muffins.

    Then it made its way into my heart. By the end of the day, I was so much more grateful for the time away than I was for
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  21. kalaher

    In addition, the fact that it only hijacks the internal Chrome link view opens is another advantage over other add-ons of the same kind.

    Reduce the speed of booting up and running Photoshop.

    Extract the Zipped File.
    Go to Photoshop CS5/4/3/CS4 Tools – Profiles tab and you will see the profile which is called ‘Pro QuickSave.’ Have this profile active as default and set the
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  22. jessyor

    ■ 180 days trial for all supported versions.
    Please note that:
    ■ “SyncBookmarks” has it’s own icon;
    ■ “SyncBookmarks” appears in the Favorites section in Bookmarks Bar;
    ■ “SyncBookmarks” does not auto-sync;
    ■ “SyncBookmarks” uses “XPS/MS Clip” format and uses MS API;
    ■ Data files can be moved
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  23. cassraff


    * Extract all registered assemblies including CS files.
    * Scan all assemblies in the GAC and filter displayed assemblies.
    * Save the location of your dll in a History List for repeatable extractions.
    * Setup shortcut for Gac Extractor for immediate extraction.
    * The ability to setup a scheduled run to extract GAC assemblies automatically.
    * Show the History List after extraction to view the dll’s listed.

    To demonstrate this action, lets Extract a dll at the same time examine its Registry location in the GAC using GacExists.
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  24. hektwash

    The program makes use of the package drivers; therefore, it requires the installation of the official drivers from Canon. You can download these drivers from the official Canon web site.

    Make sure that your printer is installed and connected to your computer. Unzip the package and accept the license terms. Press the Start button. It will then start the installation process. Follow the instructions in the window that appear on your screen.

    Print Documents

    All documents can be viewed by clicking on the
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  25. wahnglen

    1. Support most WAP browsing activities like search, email receiving/sending.
    2. Support 1, 2G or 3G, 3G is highly recommended.
    3. Can display WAP login page directly with Chinese characters like MSN or Piao server.

    WAP SideBar supports following global WAP sites:,,, uswap.
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  26. gerralmi

    Or even if you are aiming at designing a simple lighting system for private events you can still take advantage of the tool.
    Let us now briefly take a closer look at the app’s features and functions:
    Chapter 1: Set-up
    The first page of the application features the presets that make up the system. The options at your disposal are magic, minimal, simple, intricate, complex, corporate, sports, disco and the like. You can also upload your own configuration if none
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  27. visofaby

    Consider the situation. Say you found a free website for playing StarCraft or doing battle arena. However you’re not allowed to install web browsers to your Windows 7 system.
    You search for the appropriate time zone ID. But all you can find is an article about getting the time zones for set up your computer. But then you realize the time zone ID is probably nothing more than a local time zone.
    Better yet you apply your knowledge to extract the time
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  28. kaloelm

    It is small and fast to use with average built-in theme options. If the slideshow needs to be more advanced, for example with added effects or more complicated slideshow configurations, then you will need extra software of your own. Some of the other applications we recommend below can perform many of these functions and more.

    Feed Slide Show (Win2000/WinXP) – Demo
    – Shows examples of Feed Slide Show Gadget. Works with the trial version of the application, which only allows you to
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  29. yelamar

    One of the face images used in our experiments (see Fig. 1) shows the location of the features and a Gabor filter in the form of an image.
    Pixel: 39
    Face: 100
    LBP: 150
    Gabor1: -114
    Gabor2: 124
    Gabor3: 1
    ROI1: 49
    Relative Scale: 0.1
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  30. nelelis

    It was designed to make it easy for anyone to add recommendations to their favourite media players.

    Screenshots of Pronac



    May 10, 2017

    View all comments

    Pronac will most likely miss tags, when you’re streaming from or any other streaming service, instead of Spotify.
    I filed a Github Issue, because I don’t see an easy way for you to change to that behaviour.
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  31. rafdor

    It will even be able to notify you of all occasions that the Islamic month will see besides those already mentioned for the near future.
    Date can be set to 1 to 30 days, and the calendar can be set to display now and the next day, a week to it and the two days after, or date and year for 6 years. Plenty of options are available, but the application does not imply the use of other interfaces. A lot of themes are offered too, but they are mostly colored
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  32. tamamyl

    Light, fast and reliable
    The app is customizable
    Less competition and similar apps
    No major issues or really anything particular
    Minor issues with the application’s design

    Tappalan Tass,
    25 November 2015

    Will you use it?



    The app is slow and heavy. It freezes often and screen failures aren’t uncommon. Cancel a long process and the application will not accept this decision. It doesn’t
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  33. brawal

    You’re going to invest a lot of time in learning the application with ease.
    If you are interested on KCS Retail Enterprise, then there’s really no need to look any further. It is very easy to use and has a rather intuitive interface. It’s worth a try.

    Professional Toolbox provides IT services and consulting to both private and commercial clients worldwide. They help their customers adopt technology to streamline their business and increase productivity.

    Help and FAQs

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  34. inowonn

    It enables users to unlock, reset and retrieve lost passwords, allowing you to access accounts where the forgotten password is preventing immediate access.
    – User can reset their own password.
    – User can use pre-configured, reusable reset codes.
    – Pre-defined codes can be emailed to users or posted in a specified location.
    – Using these reset codes would require further action from the user to unlock their account.
    – Sends notification to all other users of the account that they need
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  35. isijon

    Features of CCNA practice tests:

    225+ CCNA practice questions with descriptive answers.

    Latest and guaranteed CCNA certification exam questions.

    All practice tests are consistently updated as the actual exam objectives.

    Sample questions are available for each question type.

    100% free CCNA test simulation software, you don’t need to register, buy anything or make any payments.

    This product is available for individual user and can be purchased by anyone. There are no restrictions on the number of users.

    Your purchase of CCNA simulation exam at
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  36. orlrei

    First aim is to find, or create, all the tables of your project by a simple use of the SQLite table/column naming tools. Second, you can access the data from the tables and make queries over the data. As you might guess, the tool also records all the differences between the original files and their database representation.
    The tool and manual is written in C# and runs fine on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    You can download this assembly here.

    SQLite is
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  37. ellatam

    There are a lot of fun things in this application, that any creative child can easily enjoy.

    Bug fixes and improvements.
    – Plans For Comics, This And The Walking Dead.
    The Remaining 3 Big Cartoon Packages To Download.
    1 Nov 2018
    – Updated missing fonts.
    – Added Undo and Redo- Tabs to the Color Palette.
    – Improved/Bug Fixed the Cell phone.
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  38. vandlav

    Google is one of the most important brands in the world at this moment, which is why it makes sense to list some useful Android security apps that will protect your device. The software king Google offers a class of apps that automatically enable you to keep your device as safe as possible.
    The process of installing Cheetah Sync is really simple, but you will need to download it by yourself, since it is not offered by Google. You can connect to various computers easily and every entry requires only
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  40. davlean

    Even 2nd, 3rd and 4th-level encryption are supported.
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    Key features & Highlights
    +Brute force technique
    +Fully documented on-line help
    +Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
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  41. mahlance

    Server monitoring is used daily by more and more organizations to ensure the availability of their applications and web sites.
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    10. Your Time
    11. Quick Tips
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