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  1. whytdawn

    The present invention relates generally to train wheels and axle units, and more particularly to an assembly including a light-weight, less expensive disc wheel for use with a precision axle.
    The present invention has particular application in the railroad industry in which wheel loads of as much as up to five tons or so on the axle units associated therewith require a very substantial support. One method of providing that support is by utilizing metal cast wheels. Where the wheels are used in conjunction with precision axles, the

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  2. dancvere

    Then again, there’s no free trial version to download and try out.Eddie Little-Chandler-Cummings

    Edward Little-Chandler-Cummings, MBE, DFC (21 November 1914 – 1 February 1968) was a British entomologist, particularly of bee moths. He was educated at Bedford School and Merton College, Oxford.

    For most of his life in Malaya, he worked as a Member

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  3. takmyll

    If you press the command button F9 when you have a row selected, you will be able to execute commands to the selected rows: select rows and columns, change formatting for selected row only, show formula value for selected rows only and much more!

    If you press the command button on the top, you will be able to launch other Excel tools. These tools are available at the bottom of the workbook (format, sort and etc).

    The availability of the Excel form

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  4. holiama

    after installation
    ■ This application can be used for only 7 computers simultaneously.
    ■ Not available for Mac at this time.

    Compiz Fusion Repo is a buildsystem for compiz development. It provides an alternative to the GNOME system used by the compiz-fusion repos. It was created to be a Gnome system that can replace the gnome2 system.
    Innovative packages are used to automate the building of the compiz-fusion

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  5. bernbaly

    If you have some experience with project management or translation, or if you are looking for a simple way to manage multilingual projects, you cannot do any better than to try Poedit first.

    In order to improve translation quality, many businesses trust manual keywording. Unsurprisingly, this approach offers wide benefits over automated keywording tools. While they are useful for speeding up translations, why manually keywording texts is the best way to approach Translator Keyword Selection? Why manual keyword

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  6. warqavry

    Still, it performs its job effectively and it is not intended to be a fancy-looking app.


    Turgs MSG Wizard is a relatively straightforward application that can provide you with a solution, as it enables you to analyze the contents of MSG files and convert them to a wide range of formats.

    Naturally, while this application is more than capable of processing individual messages, it becomes truly useful in the hands of those who need to convert multiple emails in an efficient manner.

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  7. crefin

    When you want to accurately measure time during sport competitions, working hours or start of an event, Free Stopwatch Portable is the best choice. In addition to that, you should get it if you need a simple to use and efficient stopwatch to help you keep track of your time.

    SHUTTER-IT is a simple Windows interface application that allows you to take a batch of selected photos and upload them to the Internet. It supports both static and animated GIFs. Moreover, everything

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  8. yashily

    The software uses your sound card directly, so if you download a non-audio library to your hard drive, you may experience some errors.
    You can check out the repository on launchpad or requests this file in your Google mail. Additional files can be found on the Sourceforge hosting website. I’ll try to find the proper links as I go along.

    I’m currently in the school year break, so this is a good time to bring in a useful app for Linux/Ubuntu

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  9. ianelea

    Publisher Description

    It is extremely easy to quickly hide every icon (desktop and Start menu) on the Windows desktop. With Easy Hide Desktop icons you can hide all icons from Start menu and from Desktop, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders. You can restrict access to all folders. All icons on Desktop will be hidden when the program is started. You can uninstall the program without being worried. Simple thing, just 3 easy steps!!


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  10. wylaly

    The “outsider” has spoken. Someone is talking to us about what might be happening on the Day of Reckoning, and they don’t sound like Christians or tarot card readers or tea party reggae bandits. They don’t sound even a little like we do, but the people listening are saying, “Yeah, we could be freakin’ explosive”.

    It has come to my attention, that there are certain forces in the world working behind the scenes, cleaning up the

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  11. wyldar

    Top features —Q:

    Are there any predicate-level debugging tools for javascript of interest?

    I have a javascript – on a page – and would love to be able to find out if I am setting (receiving) the right values in the setter and getter properties. Instead of the usual detour of knowing the subtle differences between reading and writing to an object property.
    I found that Firebug, Chrome’s debugger, and others, let me inspect

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  12. qwepan

    ■ You cannot access the application from the web, you must run the application on your PC.
    ■ You cannot save unlimited numbers of products, services, customers, vendors or vendors customers.
    ■ The current version is only available for Windows
    ■ Runs on a Windows Vista/Windows 7 machine, must be installed with Administrative rights
    ■ Try it free for 15 Days, and

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  13. alukak

    TomP2P is an ordered key-value store. If the value exists, TomP2P will return the value with the highest order. If a pair of keys exists, TomP2P will return the value with the lower order. If a list of keys exists, TomP2P will return the value with the length of the list of equal value.

    These example use-cases are used to demonstrate functionality of TomP2P. However, anyone can choose

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  14. chrsai

    You can remove an icon by passing it the /r switch (example ‘btray /r “”‘).
    I recently broke the Windows 95/98 bitness and some peoples (most of them) butthurt needs to be sown. If you haven’t noticed, I am a good man, perfect husband and a wonderful father. 🙂 Apologies if you’ve come across this unintentional offense, especially as it was your fault for bringing the old 64 bit

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  15. amaldavi

    You just have to select the name of the desired bookmark, history item or tab in Quick Commands and then select the command you want to execute.
    While it works exactly like Google Bookmarks’ search function and can be recommended by fans of the popular webpage manager, you will have to find out whether the function works for you or not.
    Quick Commands for Firefox is listed as an essential, most convenient add-on. Its quick search feature can be noticed, especially given the vast number of 05e1106874 amaldavi

  16. marori

    It’s practically free and includes a telephone number for technical support in case of any problems. Although the user interface may seem ugly at first, you will soon be hooked and find it helpful.

    up.Net Ripteaditor is a multimedia recorder and USB stick creator. to include recording audio and video files, creating music and movies, and other functions.
    eRipteAditor is small (it only occupies 8MB), does not require a big amount of computer power, 05e1106874 marori

  17. zenbia

    Version 3.0 is available now (build 20120116), along with some minor features and bugfixes.

    Version 2.2 is now available (build 20120108) with the following changes:

    Remove some incorrect API synonyms. These changes were made after feedback from others!

    Don’t crash on a circular reference. (Only some examples have been reported).


    Algorithm built-in: A brief explanation of all the algorithms 8cee70152a zenbia

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